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The Print & Media Association, Singapore (PMAS) is the national representative body for the printing industry in Singapore, founded in 1937 originally as the Master Printers Association, Singapore, the name was changed to the Print & Media Association, Singapore in 2000 to reflect the changes in technology and advances within the industry.

Membership is open to all companies engaged in the printing and allied trades, including suppliers of equipment, software and consumables and companies that support the printing industry as example event organisers and freight forwarders. The Association is the defacto focal point for the industry with strong linkage to the print and media communities, supply channels, government and other allied organisations.

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PMAS will work with the 3 ITE Colleges seeking Industrial Attachment, internship placement for their final year students with our print industry members.  PMAS aims to fulfil our obligations to the industry by providing the needed opportunities, preparing and developing these students, exposing them to real work life environments and hands on experiences to apply their acquired knowledge, skillsets before they venture into the corporate world. READ MORE HERE







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