Smart Wearable Innovation

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Wearable Tech  market is the fastest growing market in the world and according to latest market report by IDTechEx it is expected to grow to$160b by 2026. Smart wearable technology will drive  innovation and productivity in all sector of Singapore economy.  We are driving this initiative to develop a vibrant eco-system for Singapore wearable Tech industry as part of Singapore Smart Nation push.  Although the focus of this Seminar is on Smart Wearable Innovation, but the key supply chain partners will be from the print and media industry


Currently we are working with a local Printer to print the printed heater and printed electrodes for all the following Smart Apparel.  This success is important to show how we can transform a traditional printing company from graphical printing of packaging boxes to functional printing of printed heater & electrodes for smart wearable with higher value-add


We will showcase all the Smart Wearable products at the exhibition booth at the Seminar location on 2nd May . The printing industry can come and view all these products and learn how they can be key supply chain partner for this rapid growing industry


We are developing a CIP program for the printing industry to teach the printing companies how to print printed heater, printed electrodes and others printed electronics, with the aim to convert more printing companies to become key supply chain partners for Smart Wearable.  I’m also talking to ESG to secure a big grant for the CIP program.  We will be announcing this CIP program in Q3/Q4 2019 as the way to develop a vibrant eco-system of wearable technologies industry in Singapore, which include the hardware product designers, precision engineering manufacturers, garment & apparent manufacturers, sensors and components suppliers, equipment suppliers, material suppliers and also web service designer and providers.  There are a lot of business opportunities for all  in Wearable Tech.


We will be announcing a new Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) on Smart Wearable Tech Product Innovation for wellness monitoring & productivity Improvement (Phase 2) during this seminar.  This new CIP program will start in Jul 2019 and is supported by various government grant.  CIP members will be working with SIMTech to acquire various technologies and develop various Smart wearable products and solution for various industry in this 8 months program.  CIP members will also be exposed to various business opportunities in Wearable Tech from local and overseas.

Come and attend this seminar to understand the CIP program and various business opportunities.  We will also be showcasing various wearable products that we have developed with our CIP members

This seminar will provide an overview of all the wearable  technologies and topics that will be covered during the duration of 8 month CIP program. We will also present a Wearable Tech platform  where you and your company can be part of the eco-system for Wearable Tech industry in Singapore.  There are also various types of Government grant available to support this wearable Tech program with the objective to develop wearable tech products and business opportunities for your company









Exhibition, Registration & Networking Lunch




Welcome Remarks 
Mr Rick Yeo
Director, Emerging Applications Centre, SIMTech




Opening Remarks

President of TAFF  




Mr Dinesh Rangaraj

Frost & Sullivan  

From Healthcare to Health & Wellness - Role of Smart Wearables




Mr Lok Boon Keng
Program Manager for Large Area Processing – SIMTech 
Application Development for Printed Electrodes & Sensor  for Wearable Tech




Mr Rick Yeo ,

Director, Emerging Applications Centre, SIMTech

CIP approach towards Building Eco-system for Wearable Tech Industry in Singapore  




Exhibition & Tea Break








Mr Pawan Gandhi,

CEO/ Founder , KaHa Pte Ltd

Critical Success Factor for Wearable Technology (TBD)




Mr Clarence Lee 
Lee Yin Apparel  
Successful commercialization of Smart printed heated wear  




Dr Dr Gan Oon Peen

Senior Scientist , Manufacturing Execution and Control (MEC), SIMTech

Wireless Tracking and Monitoring With Wearables




Dr  Marie Chae

Design Scientist and co-founder of LifeTech Wear

Design for functionality in Smart Wearable




Dr Tey Ju Nie  

Senior Researcher – LAP SIMTech

Smart Apparel Development and material development for Smart Wearable




Mr Yusoff Bin Ismail  
Senior Research Engineer  – LAP SIMTech
FHE & Smart Wearable Strap development  




Ms Wai Lai Lai

Senior Research Engineer  – LAP SIMTech

Printed heater Smart Wearable Development  













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