President's Message

President’s Message

Mr Lim Geok Khoon, 
PMAS President


The highlight of 2016/2017 was the move of the PMAS Secretariat to the Print Media Hub in Tai Seng on the 1st of August 2016.  This move will integrate the Secretariat with our Print Academy which is part funded under the LEAD programme.


The Print Academy is equipped with two training cum seminar rooms with 10 PCs, a print simulator, a HP Indigo 5500 (donated by HP) and a Konica Minolta C70hc (on loan for two years from Konica Minolta with effect from 1st September 2016).  The two training rooms are also available for rental to members and the public for in-house training and other corporate events. PMAS Members will enjoy priority in booking and discount from the published rates.  I hope this time share initiative will help to free up valuable space for production use.


After the soft launch of the PMAS Training Academy during the Members’ Networking event on 9th September 2016, several seminars and events were organised in partnership with Members. We kicked off with the Konica Minolta Digital Seminar in January 2017, the HP Chinese New Year Networking Event in February 2017 and a seminar with IGT Testing Systems in March 2017. 


The Nitec Offset Printing Course using the Sinapse Print Simulator will commence in the 3rd quarter of 2017. PMAS has renewed its ATC status with ITE for the Nitec Offset Printing Course for two years from 1st March 2017. WSG will provide up to 90% financial support for trainees who are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.  We hope the industry will take this golden opportunity to upgrade and certify the skills of their operators Singaporeans or otherwise.  The knowledge acquired will help to increase productivity.  Training is also a good platform for motivating your staff.  Their advancement can be pegged to their skills rather than seniority. This is the only such course provided for the public in Singapore. Singaporeans who are not printers but are keen to learn about offset printing are welcome to participate.  The Nitec Computerised Pre-press Course will be launched once the syllabus is finalised with the consultation of ITE.  We plan to launch this in the last quarter of 2017. 


A PMAS Corporate Video is being produced with the funding from e2i.  The objective of the video is to create better awareness of the industry and to help to attract talents to the industry. We hope to show the video in career fairs and through suitable social media. 


A Manpower Study under the LEAD programme was also carried out by KPMG since July 2016. We managed to get 36 companies of varied pro les to participate in this extensive survey. The report is now being compiled and will be made available to the industry soon. The objective of the report is for it to be used for bench-marking and as a tool for companies to structure a progressive wage model. We need to be effective in recruiting and retaining of our most valuable resource.


Mobile technologies and the internet are transforming our lifestyle. Many businesses including print are being disrupted.  There’s no more important time than now for us to improve our competitiveness through new technologies and collaboration, and at the same time identify new trends and opportunities to venture in.  I hope PMAS had and will help everyone to ful l these objectives through training, workshops, education tours and net working.


Lastly I would like to thank all the various agencies: SPRING Singapore, IE Singapore, e2i, ITE, WSG and the Nanyang Polytechnic for their support and guidance to PMAS. We also like to thank HP and Konica Minolta for sponsoring the equipments for our training.


May I also take this opportunity to encourage all the companies in our industry to actively participate in our activities.  Together we can create a better future for ourselves. 

Lim Geok Khoon