Internship: Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering

ITE Internship

TE College East has written to PMAS to seek internship placement for their Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering final year students.

This internship starting 1st April 2019 has duration of 20 weeks with training allowance min $450/mth



PMAS will work with the 3 ITE Colleges seeking Industrial Attachment, internship placement for their final year students with our print industry members.  PMAS aims to fulfil our obligations to the industry by providing the needed opportunities, preparing and developing these students, exposing them to real work life environments and hands on experiences to apply their acquired knowledge, skillsets before they venture into the corporate world.


ITE Central - NITEC in Visual Communication.

- Drawing Fundamentals

- Design Principles

- Applied Photography

- Digital Imaging

- Graphics & Typography

- Prepress Technology

- Packaging Design


For VSC, I.A starts in early July and ends in early December. 

1) 2 classes (around 80 students) and assign to go in 2 batches. 

2) 1st batch early July to early September (10 weeks).

3) 2nd batch early October to early December (10 weeks).



ITE WEST - Higher NITEC in IT Systems and Networks - Computer Maintenance and OS - Networking Technology - System Administrations - Virtualisation Technology - Linux Essentials IA

Duration: 10 weeks (per batch) 

Dates:  (Batch #1) Monday 1/April - Friday 7/June;  (Batch #2) Monday 1/July - Friday 6/Sept



ITE WEST - Higher Nitec in IT Applications Development (ITAD)

User Experience Development (Photoshop) Programming Fundamentals (Javascript) Interactive Applications Development  (PHP) Web Content Management (Wordpress) Mobile Applications Programming (Swift) Mobile Solutions Development (Swift) IA Duration: 10 weeks Dates: October 2019.

ITE EAST - Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering

- Mathematics & Engineering Systems

- CAD & Engineering Design

- Quality Engineering

- Engineering Materials & Mechanics

- System Integration & Controls

- Engineering Development & Applications

IA Duration: 20 weeks

I.A starts in 1st April early July and ends in end August



If you are keen to play a part in developing the skilled workforce for the future, sign up the internship program by submitting the Task List (attach) and PMAS will consolidate and connect with the various ITE Colleges and they will match the interns to your company requirements.

Contact: for further details